Monday, 15 July 2013

First posting for EDEM630

Well, hello there!
I'm Sandra Whipp and I am enjoying the EDEM630 course - considering it is only the first week, I have learnt so much already! I am a secondary teacher and have been teaching in a co-ed school in Dunedin for the past 13 years. I love teaching - it is a passion - once it is 'in your skin and under your fingernails' you're hooked!!!! I am constantly amazed by the change in my subject area - Digital Technologies. A great resource for Technology is Techlink and has been invaluable. When I first went to Chch College of Ed in 1993 and then into a classroom as a first year teacher in 1995, I was in the transition period of typewriters to computers. In my first year teaching I saw my classroom burn down on April Fools Day and my HoD at the time thought it was a joke - no joke!!! Something I will never forget is keep one copy of resources at school and another copy at home (or on a USB stick)!!!

Since then, there have been many changes in the area of Technology and the speed in which this change takes place is just incredible. Students who are in our classes now love Digital Technology. Some know more than I do - but I am always learning, advancing my qualifications and enjoying the journey along the way. Last year our school did teaching/reflection blogs throughout the year but adding a post now and then is a bit different to what I am learning now. I look forward to this journey and learning more.

This year, I have been awarded a study leave which is half a year as I had started my Postgraduate Diploma in Education last year and will finish it this year. Working full time and with a young family it is such a busy life so extending my qualifications is, I think, time for me and something just for me (to share).
I am on the right (our school Xmas function 2012)

I am looking forward to meeting the rest of our class online and will enjoy sharing with you all.


  1. Hi Sandra,

    Welcome aboard great to see another educator from "Dunners" in EDEM630 - I'm based in Dunedin's silicon valley (aka Mosgiel) ;-).

    Glad you're enjoying the course so far and I hope it will contribute to successful integration of new technologies in the classroom when you return from study leave.

    1. Thanks Wayne, sometimes it's a case of sitting at the laptop and just doing it till it's done. I have really enjoyed starting the blog and making changes in settings, adding 'stuff' and blogging! Now I know why the students rave about it in class too, except most of them use Tumblr.
      As for being a Mosgiel-ian, my parents live there also and always say they are at least 5-8 degrees hotter than Dunedin. The downside of that is it is mighty colder and frostier mornings in Mosgiel!!!!