Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Introduction for Session 1 SP4Ed

Hi everyone I'm Sandra Whipp and I am part of the Scenario Planning for Educators course which is in conjunction with the EDEM630 paper I am completing through University of Canterbury here in New Zealand. This year, I have been awarded a study leave award which is for half a year as I had started my Postgraduate Diploma in Education (specialising in e-Learning and Digital Technologies) last year and I will finish it at the end of this year.

 I am a secondary teacher and have been teaching in a co-ed school in Dunedin, New Zealand for the past 13 years. I love teaching - it is a passion – and once it is 'in your skin and under your fingernails' you're hooked!!!! I am constantly amazed by the change in my teaching subject area - Digital Technologies. I have seen the transition of typewriters to computers in the classroom and into BYOD for students, who knows what the future may bring for us all in the future. So that is a very good reason to complete this paper and Diploma in general particularly when we have been introduced to several new communication/collaboration tools already and it is only the fourth week of our course!!! 

It is an exciting time over the next two weeks to see so many people from New Zealand and the 30ish countries around the world collaborating in the online class. This is a new experience for me. The closest I have come to this global experience is my Year 9 students communicating with a class via skype in North Carolina in America as part of their global experience unit of work. 

I look forward to meeting you all online.

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  1. Hi Sandra

    Great to see you are so passionate about teaching, I agree with your comment entirely! Congratulations on the study leave / award. I did one a few years ago and would recommend applying to anyone; the year I did it was so rewarding, it really gives you the opportunity to get stuck into assignments without the background thoughts about teaching the next day. (It also gave me the opportunity to sleep in on Monday morning, then watch the football game I had recorded the night before!)