Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Reflection of a decision block!

Refining my research topic seems to be a difficult task which I have been grappling with for what seems ages. I don’t see myself moving forward with each week’s tasks until I refine this topic and then can complete the tasks eg mindmap for arena of change, provisional essay plan etc. I have read the info on the arena of change, enjoyed Niki’s video so much I watched it 3 times! I found it so insightful and realising that the arena has been there all along – basically around me within my own classroom ecosystem, just to see it as suggested and how each dimension interacts/intertwines was really interesting.

I have read several times the assignments and whether my topic will be outlined as a research paper (what questions do we need to consider) or a case study (what questions do we need to answer) I’m not sure but leaning towards research paper. Wayne has provided valuable feedback (thank you) about zooming the focus, refining the topic and maybe adopting specific elements which could be challenges for the school/teachers integrating social media.

I have already found a good deal of literature regarding Facebook (which is the media I will use as the specific social media platform) and the literature is varied eg how it is being used, outcomes from using Facebook positive and negative, student achievement outcomes, students engaged and learning, how teachers have coped with change and what to consider as possible guidelines for classroom use. Again, it is a case of refining to particular elements incorporating change/future change.

I have looked at others blogs from the class and obviously many have worked through their topics/weeks really well and have been impressive. I suppose I am feeling a little pressure (and guilt) with the school holidays on at the moment and with 2 enthusiastic boys wanting quality time with mum (I am blessed but stressed!!!!) as well as just starting my ‘official study leave till November’ I still have several hours of catchup work to complete for my reliever at school. Nevertheless, this is a reflection blog today just vetting where I am at the moment and realizing I so want to enjoy this paper and give 100%. If I was running the course, I would look at what is in my blog so far and think ‘limited work completed’. Maybe I should have reflected online earlier instead of just thinking out loud! However, I am here working through it. I will get there. A little more reading this afternoon and stern decisive decision making and I will be away……..
The question is.....


  1. Hi Sandra
    Good open honest thoughts. Yes the research topic for me is also going back and forward so you are not alone. I am sure knowing how organised you are from previous papers you'll catch up. Facebook an interesting tool, can't wait to see how it pans out especially if it is a case study. Enjoy you study leave!

    1. Hi Aaron - thanks for your heads up on this - nice to know I'm not the only one who hasn't got the topic perfect yet. Maybe your comment about organised in previous papers confirms to me that I hate not having (a solid)direction yet and I need to get this sorted and then all will continue on from there. I admire you too Aaron working from Brunei and I too have followed your journey through several papers - your contributions are always insightful and great to read. Your technology situation seems quite different to ours so I look forward to being an avid regular reader of your blog posts and research journey. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I appreciate your honesty in posting like this online.....I think this is a very valuable thing to do as openly sharing the process of thinking, getting confused, believing we're on the right track, getting confused again etc etc is such an important part of our learning. Don't worry - I'm going around in circles constantly, but am now starting to enjoy the process! :)
    Don't feel guilty - taking the time to be with your boys is essential!
    Looking forward to following your thinking as things settle down over the next few weeks.
    Phillipa :)

    1. Hi Phillipa
      Thanks for your encouraging advice and I think I am getting there as I have been at this all day!!!!! I know I will get there. There is some valuable literature pieces I have read today which 'excites me' to think I am on the right thinking track so I am sure I will submit a topic soon - maybe before midnight! Enjoy our research journey - its changing :)

    2. Know exactly that excited feeling you mean......and love it! :D

  3. Yes, Sandra, I also really respect you as a classmate and even more so for making sure to take that very important family time. If there is one thing that earthquakes have taught us Canterbury people it is to seize onto what is most important -the coursework will still be here next week, and so will we. Maybe you are all sick of well meaning advice from Cantabrians but ... Enjoy the kids. I'm struggling with my topic too, I think it is too big and I need to simplify. Facebook is a bit similar with so many enticing bits to investigate. Good luck, Lyndsay.

  4. Hi Lyndsay - thank you fellow classmate! Its great to see I am not alone and I am never sick of fabulous advice - I am sure you have been through so much that the important things are top of your priority lists now and yes I will enjoy the children. Having said that, I have been best friends with this laptop all day today and things are looking up I think. Refining and zooming the focus can be really hard especially when I am finding so many good literature pieces that I could use, it is just a matter of time to sift through them and simplify. I will post something before midnight - hopefully!!! Thanks again.