Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bleak or Bright – It Can Be Our Choice!!!

E-Learning activity – Components of a scenario

Scenario planning gives us endless possibilities for the future.

Watching the video Deutsche Post DHL – Logistics 2050 and reading the article which compliments this “winning in an uncertain future through scenario planning” by Peter Schwartz, it has really just occurred to me that I seem to have kept my ‘head in the sand’ somewhat! What I mean by that is we go around minding our own business each day – have our job, being busy parents, making a difference to students (hopefully!), running a household etc and in all that time, there is continuous change occurring around us. I think it is in my subconscious that the world is changing, but I just don’t have time or more importantly, don’t make time to stop and smell the roses if I can use that as an analogy. For me, sometimes I forget to stop and take account of what is actually happening around us all (I hope that makes sense). As Peter Schwartz suggests "the speed of everything is accelerating, the scale of interconnection is skyrocketing and the web has certainly changed us". 

Of course, I see it now – uncertainty is the ‘new normal’. 

So identifying drivers of change, trends, uncertainties etc helps us to understand how we can change. Scenario planning is becoming a lot more clearer as I research different scenarios and see that for an idea to become a reality there are many factors that need to be considered.  Schwartz also states “a fundamental premise of scenario planning is that we make decisions based on perception. Although perception is informed by the real world, it is also shaped by experiences, biases, knowledge, and communities”.

What would you like to learn or achieve with this online workshop?? I think I have already learnt that change is inevitable and I can either be a part of it or become stagnant and be left behind (or redundant). It is with regards to education that I think about the scenarios that have been presented to us so far. They have certainly helped me understand why planning is the first and foremost part of strategic planning and it is a way to move forward and be sustainable in our subject area of the Technology curriculum. I have related my own experience so far to the quote “you don’t know what you don’t know” and before this mOOC course  and scenario planning practice, I really knew nothing. So far, it has certainly opened my eyes. I am enjoying the journey. 
A Wordle of Scenario Planning Words!


  1. Love the worldle, rings back memories of last year! Thanks.

    1. Hi Lesley,
      Yep me too, Wordles can be such a great visual tool to reflect all of those 'buzz words' we are learning (quite quickly) about, so I thought I would capture them in 1 place - happy days of last year!! :)

  2. Hi Sandra,
    I agree with what you have just said. Without realising, we know in the back of the mind that things are changing (roses are blooming, dying and re-blooming, maybe even changing colour) but we don't take stock of those changes and the impact they have, personally and as an educator. Change happens, and happens 'to' us if we are not watching. This is a great course and by taking stock of change and visualising what could be, we prepare ourselves and, in effect, our students for the future.

    1. Hi Darren
      Agreed, we don't take stock of those changes and the impact. However,last weekend was 'open day' on Sunday for our school (Yes we work Sunday!)for prospective students for next year. As I was setting up the classroom I was continually thinking what if parents ask 'what can you offer my child' in Digital Technology in the next 5 years? I would certainly be able to answer but with technology changing at a rapid pace, aswell as learning about scenario planning at the moment, I think my answer is going to be very different next year to what was said this year. So taking stock of change and visualising like you mention we are definitely preparing ourselves and students. Love this course!!!! Thanks for your reflective comment Darren.