Friday, 9 August 2013

SP4Ed Session 4 – Scenario Matrix

For my scenario matrix I have created four possible futures of learning scenarios. These futures rely on one critical uncertainty: Technology and the WWW.

I have incorporated ‘food for thought’ questions such as:
  • Can we continue to move forward and thrive in a technology driven world?
  • Are learners at risk of being 100% reliant on technology?
  • Will technology/WWW be accessible to all and available 24/7 forever?
I suggest the answers to these questions are an uncertainty and therefore meet the 3 conditions needed to question the plausibility of technology and the WWW. Therefore I present the scenario matrix.

The four quadrants of the scenario matrix are made up of a population of learners in each sector. (Due to my lack of brilliant image) I will name the quadrants: (colour coded to correspond with the image colour quadrants)
  1.  The World is Your Oyster quadrant
  2.  Conservative Trend Setters quadrant
  3.  The Time Warp Learners quadrant
  4.  The Local Go-Getters quadrant

The axes represent an opposing position/stance and therefore each quadrant works together with the axes on which they lie. They are:
  1. Top - Global Collaboration
  2. Right - Traditional
  3. Bottom - Local Independence
  4. Transformation

The World is Your Oyster quadrant:
Expectations and outcomes are extremely high and failure is not an option. The rate that technology has accelerated and developed is what drives this group forward. Dedication and flexibility are key  drivers for these learners. They are thought-provoking, content driven co-creators who thrive on ambition. A sense of trust is required by this group in order for complex real-world problems to be solved by means of global collaboration with other high ambitious achievers. These learners are focused on transforming the world by very heavy reliance on technology. A drawback for this quadrant is the natural resources of the world are heavily relied upon to ensure technology is available at all times.

Conservative Trend Setters quadrant:
This group are ‘think big, spend big’ but with caution learners. They like the speed of which technology has developed and sets the bar high for new innovation. There is choice for this group to enjoy a rich learning ecosystem and to be mindful of costs and revenue. Mobile and outsourcing of resources are encouraged but again, there are some still resistance from some in this quadrant who demand to have the flexibility of traditional methods of teaching/learning be available ‘just in case’.

The Time Warp Learners quadrant:
These learners are well known as ‘the hippies of the 21st century’ with a carefree she’ll be right attitude to the learning ecosystem that they are used to. Advancement in many areas of learning and technology are not high priorities and are few and far between for the Time Warpers. They are not content or knowledge driven and are stagnant and uninterested in what the rest of the global world are doing. They remain locally focused, enjoying the traditional status quo and live and learn mainly independently of the rest of the real world.

The Local Go-Getters quadrant:
This quadrant of learners are highly skilled, are wealthy in knowledge locally and nationally, have the competency and skills focus to transform with technology, but are uninformed internationally. The Local Go-Getters prefer their national independence and very rarely collaborate globally. These learners use national standards and assessments and have a high success rate among their learners. However, in this group the learners don’t always know what it is they need to know and without outsourcing to the international ecological system, their progress internationally will be minimal. 

(I must apologize for my matrix image - making it from shapes in Word and grouping them, it wouldn't give me the option of 'save picture as' so I 'print screened' it instead - some DGT teacher I am!!!!)
I can see it all so clear now!


  1. Hi Sandra, I also used shapes in word for my matrix, and then ran into the save and post problem. I solved it with a little app I have come to love called Jing. It sits like a little sun at the top of your screen, and will take both pictures and video of anything, any size. cool little tool.
    I love your last graphic.
    There is a sense of satisfaction isn't there, when you finally get a post completed and 'up' on your blog.
    good job with your matrix by the way.

    1. Hey Lesley, thanks for the tip. I will investigate further!!!

  2. Hi Sandra, excellent work. These read as very possible futures. It is amazing reading others scenarios and going "Oh yea". Each of these are fairly balanced and hold positive aspects (which I don't think mine has). Well done. Those small hours are creative times.

  3. Nice work Sandra. Simple and well-contained.