Thursday, 8 August 2013

SP4Ed Session 4 - Trends

It seems like the 'wave of change' is getting higher and higher and higher and until we stop and realise the reality of all that is happening around us, we may drown in the process!! I know from my own experience in a secondary school that I seem to be continuously busy with updating resources, writing new ones, reading for PD continuously, changing programmes of work yearly (often by term) as I find what I have taught/facilitated one year is 'out of date' the next and therefore have to update it.

I know that other subject curriculum's just don't have these fast changes that we do in Digital Technology subject areas and we are not the envy in the staffroom with the workload (or when the internet is not working)!!! Although, with this in mind, it really is an exciting time to adopt the new technologies that are here, just around the corner or are being developed as we speak!

Whilst researching trends and reading the suggested resources, I thought for my own interest (visual learner) that I would outline the next five year adoption rate from the NMC Horizon Project and whether I was really aware of the 'future trends'.

The Horizon "Time to Adoption" outlines some of the trends. I had looked at the categories of K-12 and higher education and was interested in what each sector's trends were.

                          0-1 Year
K-12                                   Higher Education
BYOD                                 Flipped classroon
Cloud computing                  MOOC
Mobile Learning                   Mobile Apps
Online Learning                    Tablet computing

                         2-3 Years
K-12                                    Higher Education
Electronic publishing              Augmented reality
Learning analytics                  Learning analytics
Open content                        Game based learning
Personalized learning             The internet of things

                         4-5 Years
K-12                                    Higher Education
3D printing                            3D printing
Augmented reality                  Flexible displays
Virtual & Remote Labs          Next generation batteries
Wearable technology              Wearable technology    

Other Trends:
  • Personalization
  • The smart web
  • Virtual Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Ubiquity
  • Open-ness - open content, data, resources, easy access and transparency are required
  • Online learning/hybrid learning/collaborative models

Wearable technology is an interesting concept and already we see Google glasses and smartphone-charging trench coats, so is it a good idea?? But maybe that's not a good idea because you could tell your spouse you're at work but then they text you to say your shirt says it's down at the bar!
We've already seen high-tech fashions come to life: a smartphone-charging trench coat; a wearable laptop carrier; or this T-shirt that has an LED screen and connects to your smartphone to access the Internet.
Would you wear Internet-connected clothing?

Social Learning is the other trend which is changing the way people interact, present ideas and information and communicate. But with over 1 billion users now world-wide since September 2012, the impact of these changes in scholarly communication and on the credibility of information remains to be seen (2013 The New Consortium, pg 14) but it is clear that social media has found significant traction in almost every education sector.



  1. Wow very cool Sandra. What a great post and I am not sure that I would like to wear internet clothing. Probably give it a go because I love technology. I was watching a video on some nano-tech (I think it was) shoes the other day, where they poured brown goopy stuff on the shoes and it was like water off a ducks back. It just slid off. How cool! But not sure how useful, unless you continually have bad luck or walk through cow paddocks. There is actually a huge blur (for me) what is real technology that we are seeing, and what is still sci-fi stuff and movie material.

    1. You are funny Darren, can't say I live near cow paddocks to try out your concept but I do have vivid memories of doing just that as a kid! Nano technology is really interesting. I do a topic of interest with my Year 13 students about Augmented reality, virtual reality, nano technology, artificial intelligence and robots and it is the 'future' aspect of the 'past, present, future' theme. Some of those students I entered as a team in the University of Otago Technology Challenge for Otago Secondary Schools and we won the category of 'best understanding of technology'. Their project idea was virtual heritage tours of Christchurch using meta glasses which would run an app from a smart device showing heritage buildings from 1850's to present (includes buildings lost in earthquake). People would stand on landmarks or outside buildings and see the changes through glasses. A futuristic invention???? Not sure, but great ideas from teenagers. Mashable has great videos/articles about nanotechnology if you want to delve more. Sorry I am waffling....

  2. Very interesting waffling though. sometimes in education you get so caught up in what you are doing in your own context, you don't have the time or the foresight to take a look at what others are doing- plus here in NZ we don't seem to manage the self promotion thing very well.
    PS- the cow pat thing? my Dad used to tell of jamming his bare feet into fresh cow pats on frosty mornings, I think I'd prefer Darren's high tech shoes myself.

  3. Hi Sandra great post, just lost my whole reply so rewriting it. I found the comparison between K-12 and higher ed very interesting. Almost full convergence after the second year.
    Yes, I would love to try wearable tech, too much Robert Heinlein as a kid, so always want to have the convenience. Not so interested in the glasses but want the clothing. It would go some way to consoling myself that I still don't have a personal flyer :-)
    Better go to sleep, I think!

  4. this is AWESOME - amazing - really useful t

  5. Nice list of trends, Sandra. But the "wearable technology" concept ... creepy, spine-tingling and that's something we are all speculative about.
    The more advanced technology gets the less security and privacy we'll have. In fact, I had a couple of new migrant students who had brand new android phones with tracking devices on them (ph-2-ph). They were so proud of their phones least aware of their spouses' ploy to keep an eye on them. We discovered this when we trained them to access the internet on their phones.