Saturday, 10 August 2013

SP4Ed Session 5 - Newspaper Article 1: Has the Y30K bug wiped out Technology forever in 2030?

Has the Y30K bug wiped out Technology forever 
in 2030?

New Zealand Top Leader of the Conservative Trend Setters group Kram Gerberzuk announced today they have claimed responsibility for the Y30K virus which has just shut down two-thirds of the internet around the world. This admission came in the form of an announcement via the social media giant Koobecaf (which is privately owned by the CTS).

Recent cyber threats from the Conservative Trend Setters cybercrime portals were reported as saying they have not been taken seriously by the World Government Leaders - ‘The Lords’, on international issues such as education, global reduction in open resourcing revenue etc, but their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. Kram Gerberzuk reminded The Lords of the Y2K bug in the Year 2000 which was 30 years ago. It was a problem in the coding of computerized systems that was projected to create havoc in computer networks around the world at the beginning of the year 2000. But after more than a year of international alarm and hasty preparations, few major failures occurred in the transition period from December 31, 1999, to January 1, 2000. The Global Lords had reported they rejected any possibility of another global internet attack because the Y2K did not eventuate. They said "there have been many advances in technology since 2000 and this just would not happen today". The CTS group knew of this and realised there was no back-up system resilient enough to cope with such a high scale catastrophic virus bug that their elite programmers had created. By using the Y30K bug to take down the internet, this would be the way the group would finally be heard.

The social media giant Koobecaf was chosen as the only communication platform for discussions between Kram Gerberzuk and The Lords. There was urgent action needed to resolve the Internet black out, but so far talks have broken down between the two parties. CTS Leader Kram Gerberzuk released the following statement via Koobecaf today:

“Technology has controlled our lives in so many ways and is moving at an accelerated rate. We use technology for global communication, advancements in open resources and mass data collection, social media hologram collaboration, learning hubs and virtual ecoschools. We wear technology clothing and accessories, produce 3D products on mass and have artificial intelligence robots as higher education leaders. This has got to stop and my Trend Setters elite programmers are the ones that have just done that. All global communities except for the Pacific region no longer have access to the World Wide Web. As a world, we can not sustain outsourcing of resources in education and we must take stock of the global reduction in revenue because of this. It has had a major impact on our education systems over the last 30 years and we need to step sideways in order to look at more traditional ways of working, learning and living”.

While talks continue between the CTS and The Lords, much of the globe remains in the Technology/internet black out. How long will this be? I cannot say but be rest assured, I have dusted off the Imperial 66 typewriter and will have this breaking news story distributed by print media in no time at all!

Top News Editor
Sandra Whipp


  1. Love it! And I'm glad we haven't all gone for good news stories. Made me instantly think of our reliance on tech solutions even in 2013 - very much like the graphic too. The bug looks so pleased with itself.

  2. Love this one - all time favourite - congratulations - great graphic too

    1. Hey thanks Tony, your comment is definitely a compliment as I know you are a brilliant 'player on words'. I appreciate your sentiments. And it's the look on that bugs face that is inspiring!!!

  3. This is excellent, well done with the graphic as well. I also have the same sentiments as Lyn, glad to see the not so rosy as well as the positive futures. (passes over a glass of wine)