Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Final Farewell Reflection - Thanks!!!

The final reflection – we’ve had a blast! Shame this course is almost over. What can I reflect on the most……honestly, it is the people who I have learned with over these 13 weeks that have made an impact. And how far we have come, so much we have shared, I will remember these wonderful people as much as the knowledge I have gained over this time - Digital Technology is not the only thing that has changed, we all have – and for the better I expect.

Although we are online, we all seem to be connected and relate to each other in some small way. Whether it be one of the fabulous tutors living 20 minutes from where I live, or tweeting with fellow students at 2am in the morning while the rest of my family is asleep, or reading a blog knowing that when I get to the end of it I will find out what music she had been listening to whilst writing her blog entry, or having an ‘online laugh’ with many in the SP4Ed people threads, or catching up with the experience of a week in Cambodia by one of our fellow students, or now following some on Twitter or Facebook, we all seem to be able to make connections – start as strangers and leave as ‘online friends’.

I have just looked over and have read all of my blog entries and saw the journey unfolding. Personally, the best part of the course for me was the SP4Ed 2 weeks. I so enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of learning so many new things at a very quick pace and I must say I didn’t have a great deal of sleep over that time as I would so regularly be off on a tangent reading, reading, reading and finding all these Youtube clips by the amazing people we were introduced to in that two weeks. Definitely a new and exciting period of the course and for that I sincerely thank the tutors for offering us that experience.

I don’t want to reflect by going over week by week of what we did as I have a very large folder filled with the 13 weeks work/readings etc. And our blogs reflect a lot of what we did too. I know it’s an online course but for future reference, I wanted some of it in the old fashioned black and white (paper and ink)!!

Hope to meet some of you in person if you are at the Graduation at the end of the year. Regards to All, its been amazing to learn with you.
It's the final countdown!!!